Monday, May 28, 2012

Give away!!!

Ok, so last month I was contacted by a momma who writes an awesome blog, and asked if I would like to participate in a give away....I thought a little, and then decided that I really had nothing to lose, and sent off my items. She let me know that she would be reviewing them on her blog, as well as sending them to the lucky winner of the give away. Now, I am totally new to all this, but I was so excited!

Today the post went live, and I was so humbled, blessed, and touched by her review! I've always known that the things I sew to sell are pretty, and I like them of course, but since I don't have any children of my own I really wasn't 100% sure how they would hold up to the rigorous testing of daily use.
Well, I was totally blown away by her generous review of my wet bag design! I put a lot of thought and effort into making them pretty, so it's just wonderful to know that beyond the prettiness they are functionally sound as well! Copper is also a photographer, and I was so tickled to see pictures of my products online that someone else had taken lol.

I hope you hop on over to her blog and take a good browse around and leave lots of comments, and sign up for the give away while you're at it!!! You have the chance to win one large wet bag, and matching changing pad in Amy Butler's lotus prints in gray and of my favorites!


  1. Thank you for the giveaway!!! The bags and changing pads are adorable!!!
    Connie Gruning
    CGruning at aol(dot)com

  2. It was my pleasure :D There will be more give-aways coming up, so stay posted !